I have recently completed a dissertation titled, The System of Healing Used by the Filipino Espiritistas, which I am offerring for sale on the order form of this website.  I have been seriously studying essential elements of faith healing in the Philippines and elsewhere since January of 2000.  My research lead me to a spiritual conversion.  I now consider myself a Christian Spiritist.  I have been ordained as a Reverend of The Church of the Living Truth by Harvey Martin the founder of that church.  Lita Castillano is a founder of The Christian Church of the Living Truth in the Philippines (closely affilitaed).  I am available for consultation and will accompany interested parties to the Philippines to introduce them to my contacts there.  I have been to the Philippines several times to meet healers and mediums and can act as a guide for those seeking alternative treatments there.  The fee for these services is negociable and on an individual basis since there are a lot of varriables to consider.  I can also form or refer to groups, or healing pilgrimages traveling to the Philippines.  I am currently writing a new book titled simply, Illness and Healing       
Jaime Licauco.